Discontinue Sourcetrail

Author: Eberhard Gräther

We decided to discontinue maintaining Sourcetrail. The repository will be archived after publishing a last release version this Fall. Thank you for all your support!

After transitioning Sourcetrail to an open-source project in Fall 2019, we initially got a lot of attention and were very motivated to continue working on the project. We kept up a good schedule for the first few quarterly releases, but soon progress became slower and we ended up not being as responsive to e-mails, new issues and pull requests anymore.

There are a couple reasons for that. After closing down our startup company, Malte and I put our daily working time into our new jobs. Then in Spring 2020 I moved from Salzburg to Vienna, which made collaboration a bit harder since we were no longer co-located.

Slowly it also became a challenge to pick up work on the project again. After all, it has always been an ambitious software with many tech dependencies, which require constant attention to stay up-to-date with latest releases. Especially when considering that Sourcetrail is running on multiple platforms, supports multiple languages and build systems, and integrates with different 3rd party tools. In sum, this makes it rather hard to maintain and pick up again.

The rise and fall of Sourcetrail commits over time.

Eventually, we also lost interest in working in the field of language analysis and software visualization and started putting our focus in new areas. While we are proud of what we achieved, we learned about the real-world challenges of creating a developer tool and know that it entails a lot of work that is often frustrating and simply not fun.

For all those reasons, we decided to discontinue the project.

We especially want to thank our contributors and our Patrons for their constant support. Just to let you know, we already canceled payments for the upcoming months, so you don’t have to worry about that anymore. As a thank you, we decided to update our SPONSORS.md file one last time and list everyone in the highest tier that they ever picked.

We will have a final release of Sourcetrail 2021.4 this Fall. After that, we will take the website offline and archive the repository on GitHub, which essentially freezes the git repository, the issues list and the wiki. However, it still allows anyone to view the repository, fork it and download any of the hosted releases.


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