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The main problem related to activeClassName in React Router is that it does not automatically update the active class when the route changes. This means that developers must manually update the active class whenever a route changes, which can be time-consuming and error-prone. Additionally, if multiple routes are nested within each other, it can become difficult to keep track of which route is currently active and what classes should be applied to each element.

  <Link to="/about" activeClassName="active">About</Link>

1. The component is used to create a router in React that allows users to navigate between different pages.

2. The component is used to create a link that when clicked, will take the user to the page specified in the “to” attribute (in this case, “/about”).

3. The activeClassName attribute specifies what class should be applied when the link is active (in this case, “active”).

What is NavLink

NavLink is a React component used in React Router to create a navigation link between different routes in an application. It is similar to the Link component, but it adds styling attributes to the rendered element when it matches the current URL. NavLink also provides an activeClassName prop which can be used to apply a class name when the link’s route is active.

activeClassName attribute

The activeClassName attribute in React Router is used to specify a class name that will be applied to the element when it matches the current URL. This is useful for styling links or navigation items when they match the current route. It can also be used to add additional styling to elements that are not directly related to routing, such as highlighting the currently active tab in a navigation bar.

Why won’t activeClassName work

ActiveClassName is a feature of React Router that allows you to add a class to the active link in a navigation menu. Unfortunately, it won’t work in React Router because it relies on the browser’s history API, which is not available in React Router. This means that React Router can’t detect when a user has clicked on a link and apply the activeClassName accordingly.

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