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The main problem related to React Router external links is that they can cause unexpected behavior when navigating between different pages. For example, if a user clicks on an external link while on a React Router page, the browser will navigate away from the current page instead of routing to the new page within the application. This can lead to confusion and frustration for users who are expecting a smooth transition between pages. Additionally, external links can also cause issues with SEO since search engines may not be able to properly index content from external sources.

import { Link } from "react-router-dom";

<Link to="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">External Link</Link>

1. This line imports the Link component from the react-router-dom library.
2. This line creates a link element that will redirect to “” when clicked, and open it in a new tab with no referrer information sent to the new page. The text of the link will be “External Link”.

What is a external link

A external link in React Router is a link that takes the user to a page outside of the application. This could be an external website, or another application. External links are used to provide users with additional information or resources related to the content within the application. They can also be used as a way to direct users to other applications or websites for further exploration.

How to add an external link with React Router

Adding an external link with React Router in React Router is a straightforward process. First, you need to import the Link component from the react-router-dom package. Then, you can use the Link component to create a link to an external URL. The syntax for creating a link looks like this:

For example, if you wanted to create a link to Google, it would look like this:


Once you have created your link, you can add additional props such as target and rel attributes for better accessibility and security purposes. For example:


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