Solved: html video disable right click

The main problem with HTML video disable right click is that it can prevent users from accessing certain features on a website. By disabling right click, users may not be able to access the video player or other tools that are typically available on websites.

<video oncontextmenu="return false;" controls>

<source src="movie.mp4" type="video/mp4">

Your browser does not support the video tag.


This code line is HTML. The code creates a video element that has controls and does not allow the context menu to appear. The code also includes a source element for the video.

HTML and mouses clicks

HTML is a markup language that is used to create web pages. When a user clicks on a link in an HTML document, the browser sends a request to the server to fetch the linked content. The browser then parses the HTML and looks for elements that it can use to identify the location of the link.

If the link is inside an element with an id attribute, such as a paragraph or a div, then the browser uses that id value to identify the location of the link. If the link is not inside any elements, then the browser uses its own system to determine where it should go.

video tags

A video tag is a special type of tag that can be used to embed a video file into an HTML document. When a user clicks on the video tag, the browser will automatically play the video file.

To use a video tag in your HTML document, you first need to create a container element for the video. You can do this by using the