Solved: add space in html

The main problem related to adding space in HTML is that it can cause problems with the layout of a document. For example, if you add a space between two paragraphs, the browser will likely place the first paragraph on one line and the second paragraph on a separate line.


`if (x == 5)`


This code is checking if the value of x is equal to 5.

How to Create Extra Space

There are a few ways to create extra space in HTML. One way is to use the
tag. This will create a line break in the text, which will add some extra white space. Another way is to use the

 tag and add some extra white space before and after the text.

Ways to Insert Spaces in HTML

There are a few ways to insert spaces in HTML. One way is to use the tag. For example:

This is a paragraph.

would produce the following HTML:

This is a paragraph.

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