Solved: pattern email validation

The main problem with pattern email validation is that it can be difficult to determine whether an email is a valid pattern. This can be especially problematic when the pattern is complex or when the sender has modified the pattern.

<input type="email" name="email" pattern="&#91;a-z0-9._%+-&#93;+@&#91;a-z0-9.-&#93;+.&#91;a-z&#93;{2,}$">

This code line is an HTML input element that allows the user to enter an email address. The “pattern” attribute specifies a regular expression that the value of the “email” field must match in order for the form to be submitted.

email properties

The following are email properties that can be used in HTML:


This property specifies the email address of the sender.


This property specifies the email address of the recipient.

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