Solved: how to link html pages in different folders

The main problem related to linking HTML pages in different folders is that the relative paths used to link the pages must be correct. If the relative path is incorrect, then the page will not be linked correctly and may result in a broken link or an error message. Additionally, if the folder structure changes, then all of the links must be updated accordingly.

<a href="../folder/page.html">Link</a>

1. This line of code creates an HTML anchor element, which is used to create a link to another page.
2. The href attribute specifies the URL of the page that the link should point to, in this case “../folder/page.html”.
3. The text between the opening and closing anchor tags is what will be displayed as the link on the page, in this case “Link”.

HTML File Paths

HTML file paths are used to link to other webpages, images, and other files on the internet. They are also used to link to files within the same website. HTML file paths can be absolute or relative. An absolute path is a full URL that includes the domain name, while a relative path is a partial URL that only includes the location of the file on the server. Absolute paths are more reliable since they always point to the correct location, while relative paths may not work if the website structure changes.

What is a HTML folder

A HTML folder is a folder that contains HTML files and related resources such as images, CSS, and JavaScript. It is used to store all the necessary files for a website or web application. The HTML folder typically contains an index.html file which serves as the entry point for the website or application. Other files in the folder can include additional HTML pages, images, style sheets, scripts, and other resources needed to create a complete website or web application.

How to link html pages in same or different folders

1. Linking HTML Pages in the Same Folder: To link two HTML pages in the same folder, use relative paths. Relative paths make it easy to move files around, since the links will still work as long as the files are kept together.

For example, if you have two HTML pages in a folder called “myfolder”:

To link from index.html to about.html, use this code:

2. Linking HTML Pages in Different Folders: To link two HTML pages in different folders, use absolute paths or full URLs. Absolute paths make it easier to keep track of where files are located, since they always start from the root directory of your website (e.g.,
For example, if you have two HTML pages located at these locations:
http://www.example/folder1/about-us/index2 . html
To link from index1 . html to index2 . html , use this code :

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