Solved: Then generate Django project from the project template of cookiecutter

The main problem is that cookiecutter does not generate a Django project.


1. cookiecutter
2. cd into the new directory
3. mkvirtualenv env -a . -r requirements/local.txt
4. workon env 
5. ./ runserver

1. This line of code creates a new directory called cookiecutter-django.
2. This line of code changes the current directory to the new cookiecutter-django directory.
3. This line of code creates a new virtual environment called env and installs all the required dependencies from the local.txt file.
4. This line of code activates the virtual environment called env.
5. This line of code runs the Django development server.

What is a template in Django

A template is a template engine written in Python that can be used to generate HTML or XML from a set of Python code. Templates are used in Django to create views, models, and other objects.

What is Cookiecutter

A cookiecutter is a tool that helps you create the same type of template for multiple objects in a project.

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