Solved: django form date picker

The main problem with the Django form date picker is that it is not very user-friendly. It is difficult to find and use the different options, and it is not clear how to use the picker in conjunction with other parts of the Django website.

I am trying to use a date picker in my Django form. I have tried using the following code:
<code>{{ form.date_of_birth }}
But this does not work. Can anyone help?


You need to add <code>class="vDateField"</code> to your field in order for the jQuery UI DatePicker widget to be applied.  For example, if you have a field named <code>date_of_birth</code>, then you would do something like this:  <code>{{ form.date_of_birth|add_class:"vDateField" }}</code>.  You can also add this class directly in your model's Meta class, like so:  <code>Meta: fields = ('date_of_birth', ) widgets = {'date_of': forms.TextInput(attrs={'class': 'vDateField'})}</code>.  


Forms are a powerful tool in Django. They allow you to gather data from your users and store it in a database. Forms also allow you to create custom forms, which can make submitting data to your database much easier.

Date in Django

In Django, a date is a datetime object. A date can be either a simple datetime object or an instance of the DateTime class.

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