Solved: if screen width

The main problem related to screen width is that it can be difficult to create layouts that look good on all devices. For example, if you want a layout that looks good on a desktop computer, it may not look as good on a phone or tablet.

 is less than 768px

if (screen.width < 768) {
    // do something

This code is checking if the width of the screen is less than 768px. If it is, then it will execute the code inside the curly braces.

JavaScript screen properties

In JavaScript, screen properties are used to get information about the current screen. Screen properties can be accessed using the window.screen property. The following table lists the most common screen properties in JavaScript.

Screen Property Description

window.screen.width The width of the current screen in pixels.

window.screen.height The height of the current screen in pixels.

window.screen.depth The depth of the current screen in pixels (0 = surface, 1 = bitmap).

Type of screen with JavaScript

Type of screen is javascript.

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