Solved: Basic JavaScript Use Recursion to Create a Countdown

The main problem with using recursion to create a countdown is that it can become difficult to manage the stack of variables. If the recursion gets too deep, it can become difficult to track which variable is currently on the stack. This can lead to errors or unexpected behavior.

function countdown(num){ if (num <= 0) { console.log("All done!"); return; } console.log(num); num--; countdown(num); }[/code] This is a recursive function that will count down from the number passed in as an argument. If the number is less than or equal to 0, it will print "All done!" and return. Otherwise, it will print the current number, decrement the number by 1, and then call the countdown function again with the new number.


An index is a special type of variable that stores a position in a sequence. In JavaScript, an index can be used to access specific elements of an array or object.


A tuple is a data structure that holds a set of two or more items. In JavaScript, tuples are created using the var keyword and can be accessed using the square brackets notation. For example, the following code creates a tuple containing the values 2 and 3:

var tuple = { 2, 3 };

To access the first item in the tuple, you would use the index value of 0:

tuple[0] = 2;

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