Solved: Clone date

The main problem related to clone date is that it can create a lot of confusion. It can be difficult to determine when a clone was created, and this can lead to problems when trying to manage or track the clones.


var date = new Date();
var clone = new Date(date.getTime());

This code creates a new Date object and assigns it to the variable “date”. It then creates a clone of that Date object and assigns it to the variable “clone”.

Bounding Box

A bounding box is a rectangular region that encloses all the points within it. It is used to determine the extent of an object or the location of a point within an image.


OpenCV is a library for computer vision and machine learning. It can be used to process and analyze images, videos, and other data. OpenCV can be used in a variety of applications, such as photo editing, video editing, security cameras, and more.

Extract bounding box

Extract bounding box in JavaScript is a simple and easy task. You can use the following code to extract the bounding box of an object.

var obj = {}; obj.x = 100; obj.y = 200; // Extract the bounding box of obj var bbox = obj.bounds();

The above code will return the following bounds object:

{ x: 100, y: 200 }

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