Solved: regex find all sentences python

The main problem with regex find all sentences is that it can be very time-consuming to search for all the matching strings.

import re sentences = ['This is a sentence.', 'This is another sentence.'] for sentence in sentences: if re.match("this", sentence, re.IGNORECASE): print(sentence)

This code imports the “re” library, which provides functions for working with regular expressions.

The code then defines a list of sentences, and uses a “for” loop to iterate over each sentence in the list.

For each sentence, the code checks if it matches the regular expression “this”, ignoring case. If it does match, the sentence is printed to the screen.

Find all

In Python, you can use the find() function to search for a string in a sequence of strings.

The syntax for the find() function is as follows:

find(search_term, sequence)

where search_term is the string you are looking for and sequence is the sequence of strings you want to search.


Regex is a powerful text processing library for Python. It can be used to search and replace text, find patterns in text, and extract data from text.

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