Solved: combine int and object columns into one

The main problem related to combining int and object columns into one is that the data types are incompatible. Integers are numerical values, while objects are typically strings or other non-numerical values. Combining these two types of data can lead to errors when performing calculations or other operations on the combined column. Additionally, it can be difficult to interpret the meaning of the combined column if it contains both numerical and non-numerical values.

#Using pandas
import pandas as pd 
#initialise data of lists. 
data = {'Name':['Tom', 'nick', 'krish', 'jack'], 'Age':[20, 21, 19, 18]} 
#Create DataFrame 
df = pd.DataFrame(data) 
# Concatenate two columns of dataframe and create a new column in the dataframe 
df['Combined'] = df['Name'].astype(str) + df['Age'].astype(str) 

 # print dataframe. 

1. The first line imports the pandas library as “pd”.
2. The second line initializes a dictionary of lists, with two keys (Name and Age) and four values for each key.
3. The third line creates a DataFrame object from the data dictionary created in the previous step.
4. The fourth line creates a new column called ‘Combined’ by concatenating the values of the ‘Name’ and ‘Age’ columns as strings.
5. The fifth line prints out the resulting DataFrame object to show all columns and their values in tabular form.

What is an interger in programming

In Python, an integer is a whole number (positive, negative or zero) that can be stored in a variable. Integers are used to represent numeric values without any fractional or decimal components. They are also known as ints and can be represented using the int data type. Python also has other data types for representing numbers with fractional components, such as float and complex.

What is an object in programming

An object in programming is a data structure that contains data and instructions for manipulating the data. In Python, objects are created using classes. A class is a blueprint for creating objects and defines the properties and methods associated with an object. Objects can contain any type of data, such as numbers, strings, lists, dictionaries, etc., as well as functions that operate on the data. By combining different types of objects together, complex programs can be created.

How do I combine multiple columns into one in Python

There are several ways to combine multiple columns into one in Python. The most common way is to use the pandas library. Pandas provides a function called concat() which can be used to combine multiple columns into one. This function takes a list of DataFrames or Series objects and returns a single DataFrame or Series object with all the data from the input objects combined into one.

Another way to combine multiple columns into one is by using the zip() function. This function takes an iterable of iterables and returns an iterator of tuples, where each tuple contains the elements from each iterable at the same index position. This can be used to create a new list containing all of the values from multiple columns, which can then be converted into a single column using list comprehension or other methods.

Finally, you can also use numpy’s hstack() function to combine multiple columns into one array. This method takes an array-like object (such as a list) and stacks them horizontally, creating a new array with all of the values from each column combined together in order.

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