Solved: 2checkout python

The main problem with 2checkout is that it is a centralized checkout system. This means that if something goes wrong with the system, it can be difficult to fix. Additionally, 2checkout is not open source, which can make it difficult to track down and fix problems.


import os, sys
from twocheckout import TwocheckoutApi, Environment
# Set API Credentials 
TwocheckoutConfig.api_username = "APIuser1817037" 
TwocheckoutConfig.api_password = "APIpass1817037" 
# Set 2Checkout environment to Sandbox and account number  
TwocheckoutConfig.seller_id = "1817037" 
TwocheckoutConfig.environment = Environment.sandbox

This code is setting up the environment to use the 2Checkout API. The API credentials are being set, and the environment is being set to Sandbox mode.

What is 2checkout


2checkout is a Python library for managing checkout processes. It provides a simple and consistent interface for managing checkout flows, including creating and managing orders, processing payments, and tracking orders.

2checkout alternativs

There are a few 2checkout alternatives in Python.

One is the pip package manager. It has a built-in 2checkout plugin that allows you to easily manage your 2checkout repositories.

Another option is the venv module. This module allows you to create isolated Python environments, which can be used for testing or development purposes. You can then use the pip install command to install any dependencies required for your project.

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