Solved: max index tuple

The main problem with using a max index tuple is that it can cause performance problems when the data is large.

def max_index_tuple(tup): 
max_ = tup[0] 
max_index = 0
for i in range(1, len(tup)): 
    if tup[i] > max_: 
        max_ = tup[i] 
        max_index = i 
return (max_, max_index)

This code defines a function that takes in a tuple as an input. The function then finds the maximum value in the tuple and returns both the maximum value and its index within the tuple.


An index in Python is a data structure that allows you to quickly find a specific item in a list or sequence. Indexes are also useful for searching through large data sets.


A tuple is a data structure that holds a sequence of items. Tuples are most commonly used in Python to store multiple values in a single variable.

To create a tuple, you use the parentheses syntax: (value1, value2, …). To access individual items in a tuple, you use the indexing operator (i.e., (value1), (value2), etc.).

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