Solved: how to replace zero value in python dataframe

The main problem related to how to replace zero value in a dataframe is that it can cause unexpected results. For example, if you try to replace the value 0 with anything else in a dataframe, Python will automatically convert the value to an empty string ( “” ). This can cause unexpected errors or unexpected results when you try to use the dataframe in subsequent calculations.

I have a dataframe in python and I want to replace all the zero values with the mean of the column. How can I do this?


You can use <code>replace</code> with <code>mean</code>:
<code>df = df.replace(0, df.mean())

Dataframe in Python

A dataframe is a data structure in Python that allows you to store multiple rows of data in a single column-oriented object. You can access individual rows of the dataframe by using the indexer, which returns an integer value that corresponds to the row number of the dataframe.

Zero value

In Python, zero value is an object that has no data associated with it.

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