Solved: dice throw program in python

The main problem with dice throw programs in Python is that they are very sensitive to the order in which the dice are thrown. This can lead to unexpected results if the order is not carefully controlled.

import random

def roll_dice():
    return random.randint(1,6)

while True:
    input("Press enter to roll the dice")

    print("You rolled a",roll_dice())

This code imports the random module, which allows the user to generate random numbers. It then defines a function called roll_dice(), which will return a random integer between 1 and 6 (inclusive). The code then enters an infinite loop, in which it will continually prompt the user to press enter, and then print out the result of rolling the dice.

Examples of dices

There are a few ways to create dice in Python. One way is to use the random.choice() function. This function takes an integer input and returns a list of two items, the first being the probability of the chosen option, and the second being the actual choice.

For example, to create a die with six faces, you could use this code:

import random die = random . choice ( 6 ) print ( die )

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