Solved: react how to remove commas from a string

The main problem related to removing commas from a string is that it can result in incorrect data. For example, if you remove the comma from “John, Paul, George,” the string would become “John, Paul, George.” This could cause problems when trying to input the string into a database or into another program.

There are a few ways to remove commas from a string in React. One way is to use the .replace() method:

var str = "1,2,3,4,5"; str = str.replace(/,/g, ""); // "12345"

The first line declares a variable called str and assigns it the string “1,2,3,4,5”. The second line calls the .replace() method on str. The .replace() method takes two arguments: the first is a regular expression that matches the character(s) to be replaced, and the second is the replacement character(s). In this case, we’re replacing all commas (,) with nothing (“”). So “1,2,3,4,5” becomes “12345”.

Commands to work sith strings

ReactDOM.render(, document.getElementById(“root”)); // renders the App component
ReactDOM.render(, document.getElementById(“app”)); // renders the App component in a new DOM element

String Types

There are a few different types of strings in React.

ReactDOM.render(Hello, world!, document.getElementById(‘root’)); // => Hello, world!

This will render the string “Hello, world!” to the DOM.

You can also use a string literal:
ReactDOM.render(This is a string literal., document.getElementById(‘root’)); // => This is a string literal.

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