Solved: center a text

Unpacking the Code

This code is a standard Swift(UI) page structure. The line of code `let myLabel: UILabel = { … }()` establishes a UILabel, setting the text and aligning it to the center. Upon setting the view, the UILabel is added as a subview and then given the same bounds as the view, effectively centering it on the screen.

UILabel and Text Alignment

UILabel is a very handy class provided in UIKit. UiLabel is primarily used for displaying static text, but it can also be used to manipulate the text within it, including the alignment. `label.textAlignment = .center` is the line of code where magic happens. The .center property here is responsible for centering our text.

  • Swift’s UIKit

  • UIKit is a programming framework that can graphically draw the user interface on devices. In other words, this kit is making magic. UIKit elements are highly configurable in their functionality and design, making their use ubiquitous across swift applications.

View Manipulation

The `view.addSubview(myLabel)` line of code is crucial as it sends the view to the background with the default view becoming the myLabel or the text that we’re centering. With `myLabel.frame = view.bounds`, we’re making sure the “myLabel” covers the entire area of the view, ensuring the text remains at the center regardless of screen size.

Remember: Whenever you’re struggling with centering texts or elements in Swift, UILabel is your tool of choice. This class allows you to manipulate your text and its alignment, ensuring your user interface remains clean and aesthetically pleasing. The use of UIKit and fine-tuning your views will also ensure you get your desired result.

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