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The time is an intricate piece of data that is often used in various fields, including finance, healthcare, education, and more. Particularly in databases like Oracle SQL, it is common to deal with dates and times. A crucial aspect that often pops up is the need to extract a specific part of a date, such as minute from a timestamp data. This process is not as complex as it might seem initially, if you break it down step-by-step.

Extracting Minute from Date: The Solution

In Oracle SQL, you can extract the minute from a date by using EXTRACT function combined with TO_TIMESTAMP function. Here is a basic usage:

FROM table_name;

This Oracle SQL code snippet reads the ‘date_column’ from ‘table_name’, and extracts the minute component from it.

Breaking Down the Code

Let’s delve deeper into the code to understand how it operates.

The TO_TIMESTAMP function is first used to convert the date column into a timestamp format. It takes two arguments: the date column you want to convert, and the format model that specifies the format of the date column.

The EXTRACT function is designed to retrieve fractional parts from the specified value. In our case, we’re extracting the minute component from the resulting timestamp.


Lastly, an alias ‘minute’ is assigned to the extracted value by using the AS keyword. This aids in providing a meaningful name for the value when the results are displayed.

ON Oracle SQL’s Time-Related Functions

Oracle SQL has a host of built-in functions that help with manipulating date and time data.

The to_date function converts a string value to a date. The format codes describe the individual components of the date/time value.

TO_DATE(string_value, format_model)

The sysdate function returns the current date and time. A common practice involves the use of this function in conjunction with other Oracle SQL functions like to_char to convert the returned date/time to a different format.


The above example displays the current time (hour, minute, and second) from the system date.

In essence, Oracle SQL offers you immense possibilities when it comes to dealing with dates and times. Dumping date elements like the minute has been made easy thanks to functions like EXTRACT and TO_TIMESTAMP. Make sure to master these vital functions as they form the building blocks for more complex data manipulation in Oracle SQL.

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