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Oracle Application Express, commonly known as Oracle APEX, has gained immense popularity among developers for its high functionality and user-friendly interface. The robust tool aids in developing complex web applications supported by Oracle database. Furthermore, it’s a low-code environment, enabling developers with little experience to create applications.

Oracle APEX offers variety of versions, with each bringing enhanced features and tools for simplified and efficient development process. The fast-paced evolution of Oracle APEX can make it challenging to track the differences between these versions.

Given the complexities and the continuous evolution of Oracle APEX, it becomes critical to comprehend the functionalities of its distinct versions. Often, developers might want to query the respective version of Oracle APEX in use for performance tuning, applying patches, or troubleshooting.

Ascertain the Apex Version View

Extraction of the Oracle APEX version significantly simplifies the process of problem-solving and introduces more clarity to the development environment. Oracle SQL can be used to derive the requisite information.

The Oracle data dictionary view ‘APEX_RELEASE’ stores the APEX version details.

Here is the necessary SQL query to fetch the Oracle APEX version:

SELECT version_no

Let’s break down the SQL code and analyse its components:

– The SELECT statement is used to retrieve specific data from a SQL database.
– version_no corresponds to the column in the ‘APEX_RELEASE’ table that holds the version details of the APEX.

Oracle SQL Libraries and Functions

As a relational database management system, Oracle SQL possesses an extensive library of built-in functions that assist in manipulating data.

Oracle SQL functions are broadly categorised into:

  • Single-row functions: These manipulate data items and return one result per row.
  • Multiples-row or Aggregate functions: They return a single result for a group of rows.
  • Conversion functions: They convert a value from one datatype to another.

To glean advanced insights, we often combine simple SQL functions to create complex and versatile solutions.

In conclusion, understanding the various Apex versions, their functionalities, and the Oracle SQL libraries and functions that work with them is crucial to proficiently leveraging the software for seamless development.

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