Solved: how to drop databaselink

Dropping a databaselink in Oracle SQL is a procedure that involves manipulating database links within an Oracle Database. These database links allow users to access objects in a different database, which can facilitate information sharing and data manipulation. In this guide, we will delve into the specifics of how to remove an existing database link using Oracle SQL.

Understanding Database Links

Database links are essential parts of Oracle SQL. They act as a bridge between databases and facilitate database connections, allowing the sharing of information across diverse databases. This setup makes it possible for users to execute SQL statements from one database to access data stored in another. Deleting or dropping these database links, however, is not really a common exercise, but still, circumstances may require you to do so.

Dropping a databaselink signifies the removal of this much-needed bridge. Reasons could range from security concerns, optimisation of processes, or part of an extensive data cleanup. Whatever the reason, the process should be executed efficiently to avoid complications. Needless to say, such changes require extensive knowledge and expertise in Oracle SQL.

The Solution: Code to Drop a Databaselink

The solution for this operations lies in executing a proper DROP DATABASE LINK statement. Here’s the basic structure of this statement in Oracle SQL:

DROP DATABASE LINK db_link_name;

This Oracle SQL code facilitates the removal of a specific database link. The db_link_name represents the name of the database link you wish to delete. You would replace this placeholder with the actual name of the database link.

For instance, if the database link name is ‘salesDBlink’, the code will look like this:


Running this SQL code in the Oracle SQL environment will result in the removal of the ‘salesDBlink’ database link.

Step-By-Step Explanation

Let’s further break down the entire process:

1. Identifying the Database Link.

The foremost task before executing the DELETE statement is to identify the databaselink you want to delete.

2. Constructing the DROP Statement.

The next action is to construct the DROP statement, which simply requires you to replace the placeholder db_link_name with the actual name of your database link.

3. Running the Statement.

Upon the successful construction of the DROP statement, you then proceed to execute or run the statement. This is effectively done within the Oracle SQL environment.

4. Confirming the Removal.

To ensure the databaselink was effectively dropped, you will need to try accessing it. If the operation fails, then your DROP statement was successful.

This process detailed here, gives a comprehensive understanding of how to drop databaselinks in Oracle SQL.


Oracle SQL is a powerful tool which allows multi-database connections via databaselinks. But when these links no longer serve their purpose, dropping them becomes necessary. The method detailed in the sections above, should serve as a guide to efficiently dropping databaselinks in Oracle SQL.

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