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The world of programming is ever-evolving, and hence it becomes crucial to stay updated with the latest versions of software one uses. In the data science community, RStudio is one of those software. It has revitalized the way coders have been playing with data and has taken data analysis and visualization to another level. It’s only befitting to know how to update R in RStudio to use its full-fledged features.

Did you know that the newest versions of R often bring along multiple bug fixes, improved functionality, and new features that can make your data exploration more effective and efficient?Updating R from RStudio is essentially a two-step process.

Updating R in RStudio

To the unaccustomed, updating R within RStudio might seem an uphill task, but it’s rather simple. You first need to install the “installr” package. This can be accomplished by executing the following piece of code:


Once installed, we do the actual update with the following code:


Understanding the process

With our first piece of code, we are simply telling our current R environment to download the ‘installr’ package. This package is really useful since it automatically checks for newer versions of R and if detected, it installs the updated version as well as transfers all the existing packages to the new R environment.

The second piece of code is responsible for loading the ‘installr’ package into our current R session. The function “updateR()” does the meat of the job. It checks if a newer version of R is available, and if it is, it installs it and copies over all the packages from the current version to the newly installed one.

Important Libraries and Functions

The “installr” library is essential in this case. Its main function is to automate the updating process for R on Windows, without the need to copy/reinstall all of your packages.

The “updateR()” function is crucial. It is in charge of checking if there is a new version of R, and if yes, it will download the update, install it, and copy and update all of your packages from your library.

Updating R from RStudio not only provides a more efficient programming environment but also introduces the programmers to new functionalities that might end up being highly convenient in dealing with complex programming problems. It is always advisable to have our softwares updated as it ensures optimal performance and broadens one’s horizons with the possibility of the advent of novel features.

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