Solved: install devtools in windows

Sure, I can write a detailed guide on installing ‘devtools’ in R on a Windows system.

The availability of versatile libraries or packages like ‘devtools’ in R has made it a powerhouse among programming languages. Often, users get stuck on the step of installing these packages, but here’s a quick and easy guide to help with that.

Devtools is a highly beneficial package that simplifies your development workflow by providing a range of R functions to aid your work. The package allows developers to build and test their packages swiftly, with lesser effort.

Installing devtools on Windows

To install devtools in R through the Windows system, you first need to set-up R and also Rtools. You can install devtools using this R command:


Setting up R and Rtools

Before installing devtools successfully, you must have the most recent versions of both R and Rtools installed in your system.

  • You can download the latest version of R from CRAN, The Comprehensive R Archive Network.
  • Right after, install Rtools. The binaries for Rtools can be found on CRAN’s webpage and they need to be matched with your R version for a successful installation. Please, add Rtools to the system PATH during installation.

A line of code to check the proper installation and PATH setup of Rtools is:


The output has to show the direction of your Rtools /bin/ folder. If not, you need to revise your installation.

Loading the devtools package

After successful installation, load the package to your R environment. The command is:


Once the package is loaded correctly, you are all set and ready to use the advanced and useful functions that devtools provides.

This guide should make the process of installing devtools in R on a Windows system go smoothly. Just remember to keep your R and Rtools up to date, as it is crucial for a successful setup and to avoid unnecessary complications. With devtools installed, the quality and pace of your workflow are sure to improve substantially.

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