Solved: python request webhook

The main problem with using a webhook to send requests to a Python application is that the webhook will only send requests to the application when it is running. If the application is not running, the webhook will not send any requests.

import requests

url = 'https://your-webhook-url'

payload = {'some': 'data'}

r =, json=payload)

This code line by line imports the requests library, defines a url variable, defines a payload variable, and then makes a post request to the defined url with the defined payload.


In Python, requests is a library that makes it easy to send HTTP requests. It provides a simple interface for making HTTP requests, as well as a variety of methods for handling responses.

Requests is useful for tasks such as downloading files from the internet, querying databases, and performing other common tasks.


A webhook is a notification mechanism that allows an application to receive notifications (e.g. events) from a web server.

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