Solved: Remove whitespace from str

The main problem with removing whitespace from a string is that it can cause unexpected results. For example, if you remove all of the whitespace from the string “Hello world!”, you’ll get “Hell o world!” Instead of the expected “Hello world!”, this string contains an extra space at the end.

def remove_whitespace(str): 
    return str.replace(" ", "")

This is a function definition. The function takes one argument, str, and returns the value of str with all whitespace characters removed.

Why to remove whitespaces

There are a few reasons why you might want to remove whitespaces from your Python code.

One reason is that whitespace can be used to separate different pieces of code, but in Python it’s not really necessary. In fact, Python doesn’t even support multiple lines of code without a newline character. So if you’re trying to keep your code as clean as possible, removing whitespace can help.

Another reason to remove whitespace is for readability. When you’re reading someone else’s Python code, it can be helpful to have all the code on one line so that you don’t have to scroll up and down. Removing whitespace can make your code easier to read.

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