Solved: python remainder divide by 60

The problem is that the remainder after dividing by 60 is not a whole number. This means that the result will not be evenly divisible by 60.

remainder = 60 % 60


The first line calculates the remainder of 60 divided by 60. The second line prints the value of the remainder variable to the console.

Ways to calculate remainder

There are a few ways to calculate the remainder in Python. The simplest way is to use the modulus operator %:

result = 10 % 5

This will return 2, because 10 divided by 5 is 2. Another way to do this is with the int() function:

result = int ( 10 ) % 5
This will return 2 because 10 divided by 5 is 2.


In Python, operations are defined as a sequence of code that can be executed to produce a desired result. Operations can be simple, such as printing a string, or more complex, such as calculating the sum of two numbers.

Python provides several built-in operations that you can use to perform common tasks. For example, the print() function prints text to the screen. You can also use the len() function to determine the length of a string, and the sum() function to calculate the sum of two numbers.

You can also create your own operations using the operators provided in Python. For example, you can use the + operator to add two numbers together, and the * operator to multiply two numbers together.

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