Solved: minimum ele

Minimum electric energy is the minimum amount of electric energy that can be used to power an electronic device.

mnt in a list

lst = [5, 2, 1, 4, 3] 
# Finding minimum element 
min = lst[0] 
for i in range(1, len(lst)): 
    if min > lst[i]: 
        min = lst[i] 
# Printing minimum element 
print("Minimum element in the list is :", min)

This code finds the minimum element in a list. The first line creates a list called lst. The second line sets min equal to the first element in the list. The third line loops through each element in the list, starting with the second element. If any element in the list is less than min, min is set equal to that element. Finally, the fourth line prints out the minimum element in the list.

Min and Max Function

The min and max functions in Python allow you to find the smallest or largest value in a list of values. The syntax for the min function is as follows:


The syntax for the max function is as follows:


What is ele

In Python, ele is a built-in data type that represents an element of a sequence.

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