Solved: how to plot a single centroid

The main problem with plotting a single centroid is that it can be difficult to determine the coordinates of the centroid.

There is no built-in function to plot a single centroid in Python. However, you can easily write a function to do this yourself.

def plot_centroid(x, y, ax=None): """Plot a centroid at the given coordinates.""" if ax is None: ax = plt.gca() ax.scatter(x, y, marker='o', color='r') ax.set_aspect('equal') return ax

This function plots a centroid at the given coordinates. The first two parameters are the x and y coordinates of the centroid, and the third parameter is the axis object to plot on. If no axis is specified, the current axis is used. The function returns the axis object that was used for plotting.


In Python, the centroid of a set of points is the point at which the sum of the distances between each point in the set and the centroid is equal.


A plot is a sequence of events in a story. In Python, plots are represented by a list of tuples. Each tuple contains the following information:

– The first element is the name of the character who is involved in the plot.
– The second element is a list of events that happen to this character.
– The third element is a list of events that happen to other characters around this character.

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