Solved: gremlin python import

The main problem with importing gremlin is that it can be difficult to find the right libraries and dependencies.


import org.apache.tinkerpop.gremlin.process.traversal.*;
import org.apache.tinkerpop.gremlin.structure.*;
import static org.apache.tinkerpop.gremlin.process.traversal.dsl.graph.*;

g = TraversalSource()
    .withRemote(DriverRemoteConnection("ws://localhost:8182/gremlin", "g"))

The first line imports the java.util.function package, which contains a number of standard functional interfaces that are often used when writing Java code.

The second line imports the org.apache.tinkerpop.gremlin.process.traversal package, which contains a number of classes and interfaces related to traversing a graph data structure.

The third line imports the org.apache.tinkerpop.gremlin.structure package, which contains a number of classes and interfaces related to the structure of a graph data structure (e.g., Vertex, Edge, etc.).

The fourth line import static org.apache.tinkerpop.gremlin.process.traversal .dsl .graph.*; This line imports several static methods from the org .apache .tinkerpop .gremlin .process .traversal .dsl .graph package that can be used to create new instances of TraversalSource, GraphTraversal, and other types in the TinkerPop API

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