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The request was interrupted by a server error. runserver

If you are running Django on a development server and you get an error code that says "Server Request Interrupted", it means that the server was unable to process your request. This can happen for a number of reasons, including if the server is overloaded or if there is an error in your code.

Heroku Django Gunicorn Error H18

This error may occur when trying to deploy a Django app to Heroku using the Gunicorn server. The error is typically caused by a missing dependency on the psycopg2 library.

To resolve the issue, you can install psycopg2 on your Heroku instance using the following command:

$ heroku addons:add python-psycopg2

After installing psycopg2, you can re-deploy your Django app using the following command:

$ heroku deploy –app my-django

Request Interrupted

When a request is interrupted in Django, the request object is set to None . This means that the request has been canceled and no further processing will be done on it.

If you want to continue processing the request, you should call process_request() again.

Debugging “H18 Server request interrupted” errors

Debugging “H18 Server request interrupted” errors in Django can be difficult. The most common cause of these errors is a timeout while waiting for a response from the H18 server. In order to debug these errors, you will need to identify the source of the timeout and work to resolve it.

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