Solved: decleration of array in python

The main problem with declaring an array in Python is that the array will not be initialized when it is created. This can lead to unexpected behavior if the array is used in a loop or if it is accessed by multiple threads at the same time.

array = []

This line creates an empty array.

Why to declarate an array

There are a few reasons why you might want to declarate an array in Python.

One reason is that you might have multiple variables that represent the same array, but you want to treat them as separate arrays. For example, if you have an array of strings and an array of lists, you might want to treat the strings as a single list and the lists as separate arrays.

Another reason is that you might have multiple arrays that represent different parts of a data structure. For example, if you have an array of dictionaries, each dictionary might represent a different part of the data structure (e.g., keys, values, etc.). You might want to treat each dictionary as a separate array so that you can access each part of the data structure separately.

When do we work with arrays


In Python, arrays are a data structure that allows you to store multiple values in a single location. Arrays can be used for a variety of purposes, such as storing data in a list format or as an input parameter for a function.

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