Solved: convert string input into a nested tuple in python

The main problem with converting string input into a nested tuple is that the string representation of the tuples can be different from the actual nested tuple structure. This can lead to errors when trying to access or modify the data in the nested tuples.

tuple1 = ('a', 'b', 'c')
tuple2 = ('d', 'e', 'f')
tuple3 = ('g', 'h', 'i')

nested_tuple = (tuple1, tuple2, tuple3)

This code creates three tuples, each containing three elements. It then creates a fourth tuple, nested_tuple, which contains the three previous tuples as its elements. Finally, it prints nested_tuple.

Nested tuples

A nested tuple is a tuple that is contained within another tuple. The first tuple is called the outer tuple and the second tuple is called the inner tuple.

For example, the following code creates a nested tuple named “t1” that contains the values “1” and “2”:

t1 = (1, 2)

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