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In the world of mathematics and computation, diverse units of measurements are used, prominently among them being radians and degrees to measure angles. These two units must be interchanged from time to time based on the requirement of the problem that needs to be solved. In the Matlab programming environment, radian to degree conversion can be made using a simple piece of code. As developers, we often encounter this requirement, hence understanding the logic and the Matlab coding to cater to this need could be of immense help.

In the following sections, we are going to delve into the programming part of this mathematical calculation, look at the code, discuss the problem that it solves and the step-by-step explanation of how the function within the code works. In addition, we will also cover the libraries or functions related to this problem or similar ones.

Problem: Converting Radians to Degrees

As we all know, angles can either be measured in radians or degrees. In order to solve certain mathematical problems, we might need to convert angles measured in radians to degrees. The simple formula for converting radians to degrees is to multiply the angle in radians by 180/π.

% Matlab code to convert radians to degrees
function degrees = rad2deg(radians)
degrees = radians * (180/pi); 

Step-by-Step Explanation of the code

Let’s delve into the code for a better comprehension of how we programmed this function.

Step 1: The first line of the Matlab code starts with the keyword function, which signifies that what follows is a function definition. In our case, degrees = rad2deg(radians) is the function definition.

Step 2: The function name rad2deg suggests it converts radians to degrees. The variable in the parenthesis (radians) represents the input to the function.

Step 3: The third line of code carries out the conversion. It multiplies the input radian value by 180/π to convert it into degrees.

Step 4: The result of this computation is then assigned to the variable ‘degrees’.

Finally, our function returns the value in degrees.

Related Functions and Libraries

There are numerous functions and libraries in Matlab related to angle conversion and mathematical computations. Here are a few:

  • deg2rad: Just like the rad2deg function converts radians to degrees, the deg2rad function converts degrees to radians. It’s the inverse of rad2deg.
  • Math functions: Matlab has a wide range of built-in functions for mathematical computations including trigonometric, hyperbolic, exponential, and logarithmic functions which are often employed in conjunction with rad2deg and deg2rad.

Understanding the above code and concepts gives one the flexibility to perform trigonometric function operations and other mathematical computations quickly, easily and efficiently.

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