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Factorial is a basic and important concept in mathematics. Often, it is used in probability and statistics, algebra and more. We will delve into getting a factorial of a number using Matlab, one of the most acclaimed language in the numerical computing environment.

Matlab, developed by MathWorks, provides easy to use functionality and a broad range of tools that makes it a preferred choice for developers and researches across the globe. Matlab’s in-built feature helps effectively solve problems related to factorial and many more.

Factorial, in mathematics, is a function applied to natural numbers n. It’s represented by n! and is the product of all positive integers less than or equal to n.

Matlab Code for Factorial

Matlab provides an inbuilt function named factorial which solves our problem. Following is the solution using Matlab:

function f = calculate_factorial(n)
f = factorial(n);

In this code, function ‘calculate_factorial’ calculates the factorial of the number n. The function ‘factorial’ is an internal function in Matlab for calculating factorial.

Step-by-Step Code Explanation

  • Defining a function: In Matlab, functions are defined using the keyword “function”. In the code, we have defined a function ‘calculate_factorial’ which takes an input’s n.
  • Calculate factorial: The function ‘factorial(n)’ calculates the factorial of the number n and stores it in variable f.
  • Return the Result: The result stored in variable f is then returned as the output of the function ‘calculate_factorial’.

Libraries or functions involved

Inbuilt function ‘factorial’ of Matlab is majorly used in this code. It belongs to the library of Matlab’s ‘Symbolic Math Toolbox’. Matlab’s library is broad and immense providing a lot of functionality and methods for various tasks and computations. This library also particularly alleviates the task of handling and computing mathematical functions.

Frame your code effectively and efficiently using the practices. Always remember, Matlab is a powerful tool and leveraging its features will give you the control and competitive edge while handling complex numerical calculations and modelling. Your mastery in Matlab’s functioning is just the beginning of your journey to solve real-world mathematical problems and computations.

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