Solved: how to open matlab in ubuntu


Matlab is a key Light Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and is frequently employed across the globe by engineers and developers for various types of numerical computations. It is known for its interactive programming environment, which provides extensive facilities for managing large amounts of data.
While Matlab is generally deployed on Windows operating systems, it is crucial to know how to use this powerful tool in other environments such as Ubuntu. Understanding how to open Matlab in Ubuntu becomes increasingly important as Linux systems gain more traction in the industry.

Ubuntu is a popular Linux operating system, known for its simplicity and robust features. In contrast to proprietary software like Windows, which have strict restrictions on modification and redistribution, Ubuntu is open-source. This means that anyone can modify it to suit their specific requirements.

Installing and Opening Matlab in Ubuntu

Setting up Matlab on your Ubuntu system requires some straightforward steps. The process primarily involves installing necessary libraries, downloading the Matlab software, and executing the installation script.

# Update apt source list
sudo apt-get update 

# Install Libraries
sudo apt-get install libxss1 libxtst6 libasound2 libxrender1 libxft2 

# Download Matlab
wget http://<$MATLAB_URL>

# Unzip Matlab

# Install Matlab
sudo ./install 

The code above first updates the package lists for upgrades and new package installations. It then installs the necessary libraries required for Matlab. Then, you fetch the Matlab installation files from a specified URL, unzip the contents, and finally, execute the installer.

Explanation of the Code

In the first line of the code, the Ubuntu system is updated to ensure that the latest libraries are available for the Matlab installation.

The second line is where the necessary libraries for running Matlab on Ubuntu are installed. These libraries are important to ensure that Matlab can interact with your Ubuntu’s system hardware components.

In the third line, the wget command fetches Matlab’s installation files from the provided URL.

The fourth line makes use of the unzip command to extract the zipped Matlab files.

Finally, the fifth line involves using the sudo command to execute the installer, which opens and runs Matlab in Ubuntu.

Similar Problems and Their Associated Libraries or Functions

Similar issues related to the installation of other Development Environment Software (like Python, Java, etc.) on Ubuntu platforms can also occur. These issues can be neatly handled by understanding the Libraries and Functions associated with each software. In relation to Matlab, libraries such as libxss1, libxtst6, libasound2, libxrender1, libxft2 are of grave importance. These libraries are fundamental in supporting Matlab’s graphics and sound features.

In conclusion, maneuvering through this process becomes manageable once you grasp the concept of Ubuntu and its commands. By correctly executing these instructions and understanding the related libraries and functions, installing and opening Matlab in Ubuntu should be achievable with relative ease.

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