Solved: add path with subfolders from code

In the world of programming with MATLAB, a common task that developers often come across is the need to add paths with subfolders from code. This task is crucial because it allows developers to organize and manage their MATLAB files efficiently. Moreover, this ensures that MATLAB can access every necessary file promptly from the specified directories and/or subdirectories.

To add a path with subfolders from code, MATLAB offers a built-in function called “addpath” which can be utilized to include directories into MATLAB’s search path.

% To add a folder and its subfolders in the path:
folder_name = '/path/to/folder';

The “genpath” function generates a path string that includes folder_name and multiple levels of subfolders under folder_name.

The process of including a new path into MATLAB’s search path is as follows:

1. Specify the path to the directory that you want to add.
2. Use the “genpath” function to generate a path string that includes the directory and its subfolders.
3. Use the “addpath” function to add the directory and its subfolders to MATLAB’s search path.

Addpath Function in MATLAB

The Addpath function is a built-in function in MATLAB, and it is used to include specific directories into MATLAB’s search path. This function ensures that MATLAB can access all required m-files (functions and scripts), even those located in nested subfolders.

% Example of addpath function in MATLAB:
folder_name = '/path/to/folder';

By executing the code above, the folder specified by ‘folder_name’ is added to MATLAB’s search path.

Genpath Function in MATLAB

Genpath, on the other hand, is another built-in function in MATLAB, often used alongside the Addpath function. The Genpath function generates a path string that includes a directory and multiple levels of subfolders under the said directory. This string can then be used as an input for the Addpath function.

% Example of genpath function in MATLAB:
folder_name = '/path/to/folder';
full_path = genpath(folder_name);

With the above code, ‘full_path’ includes ‘folder_name’ and all its subfolders, which can then be included in MATLAB’s search path through the Addpath function. With such functionality, the Genpath function becomes a powerful tool when working with directories containing multiple levels of subfolders.

The combination of ‘addpath’ and ‘genpath’ in MATLAB proves to be exceedingly efficient when needing to access files that are nested within multiple levels of subfolders. This approach streamlines the file management process, making the programming experience more efficient and productive.

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