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Certainly, consider this as a guide on how to implement a PDF viewer in a Vue.js application using Jest for testing.

Vue.js is a progressive JavaScript framework used for building user interfaces. Its core focus is on the view layer only, making it easy to use and integrate with other libraries or existing projects. Vue.js also pairs wonderfully with Jest, a zero-configuration testing platform with a delightful developer experience. On the other hand, PDF viewing is a little tricky in JavaScript, but there are libraries like PDF.js that make it easier to render PDFs in browser.

Let’s dive right into the solution.

Creating a Vue.js Application

For this guide, we’ll be using Vue CLI to create our application. After successful installation, run the following command to create a new project.

vue create pdf-viewer

After creating our application, the next step is adding the PDF.js library to the project. This library is a general-purpose, web standards-based platform for parsing and rendering PDFs.

npm install pdfjs-dist

Rendering the PDF using PDF.js

To render the PDF in a Vue component, firstly, we need to import the PDF.js library in our component.

import * as pdfjsLib from 'pdfjs-dist/es5/build/pdf'

Next, we write a method that will handle rendering the PDF to canvas.

methods: {
  renderPage(page) {
    // Code for rendering page
  renderPdf(url) {
    // Code for rendering pdf

Testing with Jest

Jest is a powerful JavaScript Testing Framework with a focus on simplicity. It is often used to test Vue.js applications because it provides utilities for testing single-file components.

First, we need to install Jest and Vue Test Utils.

npm install --save @vue/test-utils jest vue-jest

After the installation, we can set up a simple test for our PDF viewer:

import { mount } from '@vue/test-utils'
import PdfViewer from '@/components/PdfViewer'

describe('PdfViewer', () => {
  test('is a Vue instance', () => {
    const wrapper = mount(PdfViewer)

This is just the tip of the iceberg, Jest allows for much more comprehensive tests like checking if the rendered PDF matches the provided document.


In summary, Vue.js is a wonderful tool for building user interfaces, Jest provides delightful testing experience, and combined with PDF.js, we can build a browser-based PDF viewer with relative ease. This guide provides a general idea of how to integrate these technologies, the possibilities are endless with these powerful tools at your disposal.

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