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Vue.js has gained immense popularity among developers for its simplicity and easy integration within other projects. Its ability to take advantage of SCSS makes it even more powerful.

SCSS, or Syntactically Awesome StyleSheets, is an extension of CSS. It adds a lot of power and elegance to the basic language. SCSS contains all the features of CSS and introduces new features such as variables, nesting, mixins, inheritance, and more.

Integrating SCSS in Vue.js projects is a relatively straightforward process. Lets walk through the process step by step.

Installing prerequisites

Before anything else, you need to install Node.js and npm in your machine as they form the backbone of any Vue.js project. Once done, you need to install Vue CLI, which is a command line tool for scaffolding Vue.js projects.

To install Vue CLI, you open your terminal and type in the following command:

npm install -g @vue/cli

Creating our Vue.js Project

You initialize your Vue.js project using the Vue CLI command. Navigate to the directory where your project should reside, and type in:

vue create my-project

You should replace ‘my-project’ with your desired project name. Follow the prompts and select the necessary configurations for your project. Once complete, your project structure will be set.

Adding SASS/SCSS to our Vue.js Project

To use SCSS in your project, you need to install node-sass and sass-loader. These packages enable Vue.js to interpret and compile SCSS.

To install node-sass and sass-loader, open your terminal in your Vue.js project directory and type in:

npm install -D sass-loader sass

Once the installation process completes, you’ll have SCSS installed in your Vue.js project.

Using SCSS in single-file components

In a Vue.js project, you can take advantage of component-based architecture, writing styles to each component. In the single-file components of your application, you can simply use the SCSS by specifying the `lang` attribute to your style tag:

<style lang="scss">
 // your scss code goes here

As you can observe, adopting SCSS in Vue.js is quite easy, and it lets you keep the CSS of your application organized and maintainable using the different features SASS provide. It is indeed awesome when it comes to styling Vue.js applications.

Advantages of using SCSS in Vue.js

There a number of benefits:

  • SCSS allows for more sophisticated style structures
  • Makes the styles a lot easier to read and maintain
  • Helps to keep related styles closer together by nesting
  • Enables you to create reusable styles with mixins

Vue.js and SCSS together make it easier to write modular and reusable code. Start implementing it in your projects today and experience the difference yourself.

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