Solved: nativescript vue get native from ref

Certainly, here is the structure in brief:

Nativescript Vue is a powerful framework that enables developers to use Vue.js to build native mobile apps. The framework allows one to access native APIs directly from their Vue components, which can be very useful in many scenarios.

One particular use case is accessed a native element from a ref. Here is how one can accomplish this:

    <Button ref="myButton" text="Click Me!" />

export default {
  methods: {
    getNativeButton() {
      return this.$refs.myButton.nativeView;
  mounted() {

Vital Components

In the code snippet above, we have a Vue component. Inside this component, there is a button element that has a ref attribute. In Vue.js, the ref attribute is used to register a reference to an element or a child component. This can then be used in the component’s methods to manipulate the element or child component.

Understanding the Code

The `getNativeButton()` method is a function that returns the native view of the button. Accessing the native view provides us with an array of methods and properties that we can work with, which are specific to the platform (iOS or Android). This way, we can have full control over the button, directly from our Vue component.

In the `mounted()` lifecycle hook, the `getNativeButton()` method is called. This will log the native view of the button to the console when the component is mounted.

It’s important to note that this code should be wrapped in a `` element. This is because the button will need to be part of a page in order to access its native element.

Other Considerations and Similar Functions

Keep in mind that it is always important to clean up your references when components are destroyed – failure to do so could lead to memory leaks. To ensure proper cleanup, one may use the `beforeDestroy()` lifecycle hook in Vue.js.

We also have the `$el` property in Vue which gives you direct access to the DOM element represented by the Vue instance. But unlike `$refs`, `$el` won’t help much in NativeScript-Vue, because there is no actual browser DOM.

Nativescript-Vue and its ability to access native components directly from Vue.js means we are able to tap into the full power of the native mobile platforms, while still maintaining a clean and declarative approach to building user interfaces.

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