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NativeScript Vue is a robust mobile app development framework that allows developers to create native mobile apps using Vue.js and JavaScript. It does a great job in terms of performance and offers a rich selection of plugins. However, handling the back button is a common challenge when working with NativeScript Vue.

In this article, we will learn how to handle the back button in NativeScript Vue app effectively. You will understand how to not only capture the back button event, but also define custom behavior when the back button is pressed. Furthermore, we will cover some related libraries and functions that prove helpful in this context.

Back Button Handling in NativeScript Vue

const app = require("tns-core-modules/application");, (data: app.AndroidActivityBackPressedEventData) => {
    data.cancel = true; // prevents default back button behavior
    // custom back button behavior goes here...

Understanding The Code

The ‘tns-core-modules/application’ module is imported first. It provides the necessary event data when the back button is pressed on an Android device. The ‘activityBackPressedEvent’ is then listened for in our app. This event fires whenever the system back button is utilized.

When this event is triggered, NativeScript provides an ‘AndroidActivityBackPressedEventData’ object. This object contains a cancel property, allowing you to cancel default back button action if you set it to true.

Related Libraries and Functions

Of course, NativeScript Vue isn’t the only framework that allows for robust mobile application development. Alternatives include:

  • React Native: This JavaScript framework allows for mobile application development using React alongside native platform capabilities.
  • Flutter: Flutter is a relatively new framework developed by Google. It uses the Dart programming language and provides high performance.

For enhancing the functionality of your back button, certain libraries and plugins can prove useful:

  • nativescript-backbutton: This plugin provides an easy API meant specifically for handling the back button in a NativeScript app.
  • nativescript-vue-navigation: A utility library for navigation in a NativeScript-Vue application. It can add additional functionality and control to your back button.

As you can see, handling the back button in a NativeScript Vue application can be easily achieved with a little bit of understanding and some JavaScript code. Going further, there are also plenty of resources and tools out there to aid your development process.

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