Solved: how to run vue js project on different port

Starting to develop in Vue.js might initially seem overwhelming, but the flexibility it offers is undeniably impressive and certainly worth the effort. One of the many freedoms it gives is the ability to run the project on different ports. This can be essential in various scenarios, such as when you are developing multiple projects concurrently and want to host them locally, or if the default port is already in use.

Why run Vue.js project on a different port?

Expressing a Vue.js project on a separate port is useful and often mandatory if you’re working on more than one development project at the same time. Running all of them on a single port isn’t feasible because of the way ports operate. Every application needs to register a unique port to listen and process incoming requests, and hence, running a Vue.js project on a different port allows parallel development without overlapping issues.

A solution to run a Vue.js project on a different port

The quickest way to run your Vue.js project on a different port is by modifying your package.json file. It’s a JSON file at the root level of your project directory that contains metadata about your project and the scripts to run the project.

"scripts": {
  "serve": "vue-cli-service serve --port your_port_number",
  "build": "vue-cli-service build",
  "lint": "vue-cli-service lint"

In the above example, replace ‘your_port_number’ with the port number you wish to use for the project. When you execute ‘npm run serve’, your Vue.js app will now run on your specified port.

Understanding the npm and Vue CLI commands

The JavaScript package manager, npm, is responsible for managing the project dependencies in Node.js applications. Through npm, we can easily handle project dependencies, scripts, versions and so on. ‘Serve’ is a npm script that often starts the local development server.

The Vue CLI is a command line interface for Vue.js that provides a standardised project scaffold for modern front-end development. It includes a graphical interface to scaffold and manage projects and a set of preconfigured development tools like Babel, PostCSS, and webpack. It also allows you to select a port to run your project locally.

Similarly, ‘vue-cli-service serve’ is a command to serve the Vue.js application in a development environment with hot-reloading capability, which means it updates the browser as and when you save changes in your code.

For users who are moving forward with demanding project requirements, it’s believed that Vue.js is an incredible choice offering flexibility and power in equal parts. Having the freedom to set your own port allows for a more fine-tuned control over your project’s local development setup.

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