Solved: button click redirection to another page

An all-too-common issue faced by web developers involves creating a redirection to another webpage upon the click of a button. It’s not only a simple task but a crucial one in enhancing your site’s usability and navigation. We use redirection frequently, whether for simple things such as taking the user to a different page after a successful login to something more complex like tracking click behavior and adapting the web environment.

Directing Your Steps Towards Solution

The solution to this common problem can be achieved with ease using JavaScript. With a simple block of code being triggered during a button click event, a webpage can smoothly redirect to another website or page.

In JavaScript there are two main methods you can utilize for our purpose: `location.href` and `location.replace()` which belong to the window.location object.

  • ‘location.href’ maybe is the simplest and easiest way to redirect to a new URL.

  • ‘location.replace()’ is used when you want to replace the current page history with the new redirected page.

// Using location.href
document.getElementById("myBtn").onclick = function () {
  location.href = "";

// Using location.replace()
document.getElementById("myBtn").onclick = function () {

Step-by-Step Explanation of The Code

Now, let’s break down the code to fully understand its workflow. At the beginning, we’re using the `document.getElementById(“myBtn”)` function to access our button with the help of its unique ID. `onclick` is a JavaScript event that will be fired when the button is clicked.

For location.href:
In the example, we’re setting the `location.href` to a new URL. This property holds the current URL of the webpage. So, when we set it to a new URL, the browser naturally navigates there.

For location.replace():
The `location.replace()` function is quite similar. By using it, the current history entry will be replaced by the provided URL.

Essential Libraries & Functions

In JavaScript, the object responsible for supervising webpage redirection is the `window.location` object. It represents the location (URL) of the object it is linked to. From this object, we push into play the `location.href` and `location.replace()` functions.

JavaScript events, such as `onclick`, also play a vital role in button redirection. `onclick`, used in our examples, will trigger when a button is clicked. Other events like `onmouseover` or `onload` have different triggers and hence different uses, but `onclick` fits our purpose in this situation.

So, that’s it: a simple yet important feature of web development. It’s all about making the user’s journey through your site as smooth as possible, which can ultimately improve engagement and retention rates.

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