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TypeScript is an open-source programming language that is a superset of JavaScript which adds optional static typing to the language. TypeScript has seen an explosion of popularity as organizations are shifting their development activities towards this powerful language due to the vast benefits it brings. In this article, we will embark on our journey to build a new project with TypeScript, we will explore the problems we face, and how TypeScript aids in solving them. We will also look at some key libraries we will be using in the project. Strap in and let’s begin!

The Problem

Often when we start a new project, the first obstacle we face is the structure of the code. How do we manage to keep our code clean and maintainable as our project grows in size and complexity? The answer lies in TypeScript.

TypeScript was conceived to build large scale applications. The addition of strong typings allows us to catch bugs before the code is even compiled, much like traditional statically typed languages such as Java. This alone significantly improves the maintainability and robustness of the code.

class Example {
  print(): void {
    console.log('This is an example function');

Static typing is optional in TypeScript which allows us to incrementally adopt it in our JavaScript projects.

Solution: Using TypeScript

The structured programming approach provided by TypeScript enables us to compartmentalize our logic into neat modules and classes. Let’s step through how to solve our problem using TypeScript.

class Solution {
  apply(): number {
    let result = this.calculate();
    console.log(`The result is ${result}`);
    return result;

  private calculate(): number {
    let a = 5;
    let b = 10;
    return a * b;

In the above code, we create a class Solution that encapsulates a problem we’re trying to solve. It has a method `apply()` which uses a private method `calculate()` to get the result. This encapsulation of logic helps improve code maintainability and readability.

Libraries Used

Beyond just the TypeScript language, there are certain libraries that strengthen our codebase. A notable example is Ant Design, a TypeScript-based UI library.

import { Button } from 'antd';

ReactDOM.render(<Button />, mountNode);

In the code above, we are importing the Button component from the Ant Design library, and rendering it using React. The Ant Design library has all its components strongly typed which provides us with autocompletion features and compile-time checks.

By integrating TypeScript and using such libraries, we can build a robust and scalable codebase for our projects. As we dive more into TypeScript, we will discover more such delights that make our development process smoother.


To wrap up, TypeScript offers a comprehensive solution for structuring our code in a way that it remains maintainable and error-proof. Coupled with valuable libraries, our project in TypeScript will not only be strong but also vividly expressive. Let’s embark on this TypeScript journey and achieve great heights in our development milestones.

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