Solved: javascript scroll to top of page

The main problem with scrolling to the top of a page in JavaScript is that it can be slow. This is because the browser has to go through all of the document’s content to find the topmost element, and then scroll that element up.


This code line is telling the window to scroll to the top left corner of the page. The first 0 is the x-coordinate, and the second 0 is the y-coordinate.


In JavaScript, a scroll event is fired when the user scrolls the document. This event is triggered when the document’s height or width changes, and it provides information about the current scroll position.

The scroll event can be used to keep track of where the user is scrolling, and to provide feedback to the user. For example, you can use the scroll event to update a scrolling indicator onscreen, or to trigger an animation as the user scrolls through a document.

Control scroll in devices

In JavaScript, there are a few ways to control scroll in devices. One way is to use the window.scrollTo() function. This function will scroll the window to the specified location. Another way is to use the document.body.scrollTop() function. This function will return the topmost element in the document body.

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