Solved: Run code after page load

The main problem related to running code after page load is that the code may not have access to the DOM or the global state of the page. This can lead to errors or unexpected behavior.

If you want to run some code after the page has loaded, you can use the window.onload event:

window.onload = function() { // code goes here };

This code defines a function to run after the page has loaded. The function is assigned to the window.onload event, which will cause it to run after the page has loaded.


In JavaScript, functions are a way to group related code together. This makes it easier to read and maintain your code.

A function takes one or more arguments. These arguments are the inputs that the function will use to perform its task.

Once the function is called, it will run until it returns a value or encounters an error. When it returns a value, that value is usually stored in a variable. When an error occurs, the error message is usually displayed to the user.

Functions can be used to create small pieces of code that can be reused later on. This makes your code more organized and easier to read.

What a functions is

A function is a block of code that performs a specific task. Functions are defined in JavaScript using the keyword function. Functions can take one or more arguments, which are the values that the function will use to perform its task.

Main functions

In JavaScript, the main functions are:

1. The function keyword
2. The return statement
3. The var statement
4. The function call
5. The this keyword

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