Solved: return current date in javascript

The main problem with returning the current date in JavaScript is that it relies on the global Date object. This object is not always available, and if it is not, you may get an error message.

var currentDate = new Date();

This code creates a new Date object and assigns it to the currentDate variable.

Dates operations

There are a few Date operations that you can use in JavaScript. The most common ones are:

– The date() function returns the current date as a string.
– The date() function can also take an optional time argument, which will return the date as a number representing the number of milliseconds since midnight on January 1, 1970.
– The Date object also has several methods for getting more detailed information about the date, such as getFullYear(), getMonth(), and getDate().

Date library

Date is a library for manipulating dates and times in JavaScript. It provides a variety of functions to get and set date and time values, as well as various methods for working with dates in arrays or objects.

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