Solved: javascript remove all newlines

When you remove all newlines from a string in JavaScript, you’re actually removing all whitespace characters, including newlines. This can cause problems if you’re expecting the string to be treated as a single unit when it’s passed to a function or used in an expression.

 from string

var str = "Hello rn World"; 
// Outputs "Hello World" 
str = str.replace(/r?n|r/g, '');

The code line is using the replace method to remove line breaks from a string. The regular expression /r?n|r/g matches any type of line break, and the empty string ” replaces each match with nothing.

Tips to work with lines

There are a few tips to keep in mind when working with lines in JavaScript.

First, remember that lines in JavaScript are represented by objects. This means that you can access individual line properties using dot notation. For example, to get the length of the line object, you could use the length property.

Second, keep in mind that lines can be divided into two types: normal lines and comment lines. Normal lines are simply lines of code that are not comments. Comment lines, on the other hand, start with a hash symbol (#) and are used for commenting out code sections. You can identify comment lines by looking for a line that starts with a double slash (//).

Finally, remember that you can use the line number property to reference specific lines in your code. This is especially useful when debugging your code.

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