Solved: javascript redirect after 5 seconds

The main problem is that the redirect will time out after 5 seconds.

   window.location.href = '';
}, 5000);

This code line uses the setTimeout function to delay the execution of the code inside the function by 5 seconds. After 5 seconds, the code redirects the page to

Web Redirections

A web redirect is a mechanism that allows a user to visit a different page on the same website. In JavaScript, web redirections are handled by the window.location object.

To create a web redirect in JavaScript, you first need to get the current URL of the browser window. You can do this by using the window.location object’s currentURL property:

var currentURL = window.location.currentURL;

Next, you need to create a new URL for the browser to visit. To do this, you use the window.location object’s replaceString property:

currentURL = currentURL.replace(“http://”, “https://”);

Ways to redirect with JavaScript

There are a few ways to redirect a user in JavaScript. One way is to use the window.location.href property. This property returns the URL of the current page, which you can use to redirect the user. Another way is to use the window.location object and its location property. This object contains information about the current URL, including the protocol (http or https), hostname, and port number. You can use this information to redirect the user to a different URL.

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